Author Update #1

Hey Guys! Keramu here with an update on this week’s update!

But before we get to that, I’d like to thank you all for your support! Here’s to The Mage King’s success!

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Unfortunately, I haven’t written up a chapter for this Sunday, nor do I plan to. In addition, there probably wont be an update for the week after that either, and my next update will probably be after the New Year, when I have time again.

My apologies for any boredom you may experience over the next few weeks as a result of this!

(シ_ _)シ

Until next time!




5 thoughts on “Author Update #1

  1. hey is this novel dead i really like it GRAAAH just started it finished it in one night and got me hooked i mean when the goddess of all makes a table just to flip it in anger makes me laugh but i really hope you can start up again because its really good i understand real life problems and all but i hope you could post about it to at least tell us because its been 3 months since the last post here


    1. Rejoice, for the novel is not dead! However, I have a bunch of projects that need to be done for school, so those have been taking priority.


      1. thanks for the update like i said i understand real life stuff just hoped for a notice because this is to good to get dropped yet so thanks for the notice ill keep checking back and i am way to used to being spoiled by releases like every day or 2 days (dam Chinese novels giving me high hopes for fast releases) also i was wondering is this a translation or a original novel because i don’t see any of the usual signs of jap korean or chinese seem very western style only ask because i came here from a japanese novel translation site


    2. For some reason this website has a limit on thread depth, so I’ll be answering your question here. Yes, this is an original novel.


      1. ya don’t know why wordpress does that and nice job on the novel i have to say its really nice to see books like this i read quite a bit started on eastern novels bout 1-2 years ago and i have to say most western novels seem to take themselves way to seriously cant make me laugh its all dark foreboding while thats good its also good to have variety and i only see that in books marketed towards people younger then 15 and while i said i cant see signs or its being an eastern novel it definitely has eastern influence or more for young readers its quite good and caught me in it within two chapters so good job


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