Hebun, Goddess of Life

Age: 16

Gender; Female

Height: 154cm

Weight: 49.5kg

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Pale

Clothing: A vivid pink Kimono

Favorite Things: Dedere Fruit, Golden Fox, Aurorai City

Least Favorite Things: Diere Chasm,


[Blessing] Allows the user to cast light magic.

[Base Element Manipulate] Allows the user to manipulate the five base elements, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Plant.

[Successor] Allows the user to choose an heir, to whom all their abilities and knowledge will be passed onto.

Summary: The youngest god. To maintain this, she maintains a physical body on earth, passing on her title to a new body when her current body becomes too old to house her.


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