Character Bios

Brophr, God of The War Forge

Age: 20 Trillion

Gender: Male

Height: 203cm

Weight: 87kg

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Clothing: A blacksmith’s apron, covered in burns and metal. Holds a hammer.

Favorite Things: Goldberries, Ironbears, Dylusiia

Least Favorite Things: Etren Forest, Metalrot


[Forge] Allows the User to create anything, as long as the appropriate amount of metal is present.

[Fire Manipulate] Allows the user to manipulate Fire.

[Enchant] Allows the user to apply special effects to an object.

Summary: The God of The War Forge who makes the blades of heroes. As one of the first gods to be born from the wishes of mankind, Brophr is in charge of managing the younger gods, teaching them how things are done. One of his most important jobs, however, is creating and repairing the War God’s weapons, and in some ancient lore, it is claimed that if all 603 gods and goddesses recognize a hero, he will bestow upon them a weapon of his personal creation.


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