Character Bios

Aphrey, Goddess of the Beginning

Age: ???

Gender; Female

Height: 163cm

Weight: 56.7kg

Hair Color: ???

Eye Color: ???

Skin Color: Snow White

Clothing: Wears a single white cloth, which somehow always covers her, no matter which way you look.

Favorite Things: Guan Fruits, Bestrels, The City of Zuel

Least Favorite Things: The Dark, Being Bored, Explaining


[Imagine The World]: Allows the user to create new worlds by borrowing the power of imagination. The created world will reflect the dreams and wishes of whoever gave their imagination to create it.

[Queen of Creation] Allows the user to rule over all of creation.

Summary: The Goddess of Creation who brought forth the world. Even after twenty trillion years have passed since it’s birth, Aphrey still watches over it’s people with the same love and joy as when it was first born. She sees the entire universe as her own child, and would do anything to protect it. As a goddess, her influence is waning as more and more worshipers choose to devote themselves to other gods. The patron Goddess of All Things, especially Pregnant Women, Newborn Children, and Those Whose Love is Unrequited.


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